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Global Rules (Non-Platform Specific)

Respect is very important, especially on a server like Infamous where swearing and offensive jokes are generally acceptable. Certain language that is unacceptable is racial slurs and directly sexual words, however, minor sexual innuendos are acceptable. Harassment is totally unacceptable, any form of harassment can lead up to a punishment such as a permanent ban upon first offense.
All Offenses - Up to the staff member's discretion depending on the situation and severity

Description: Advertisements are strictly prohibited upon first offense. There are no exceptions to this rule and anyone who tells you there are or tells you that advertising is okay specifically in your case is wrong. The only form of advertisement we currently support is done by the Infamous staff and is limited to Infamous partnered YouTubers ONLY!
First Offense - Temporary Mute
    Second Offense - Permanent Mute (Appealable)
    Third Offense - Permanent Mute (Not Appealable)

Spamming a very immature action to take part of. Spamming can come in many forms, character spamming which is typing out multiple characters without purpose (ex. "muiasdgvha9"), normal spamming which is typing the same message more than once very quickly, or long-term spamming which is typing the same message over a shorter period of time (ex. "Come to my shop type /warp myshop" every 2 minutes).
First through Fifth Offense - Temporary Mute
    Sixth+ Offense - Permanent Mute (Appealable)

Server Rules

Blacklisted Modifications
Description: Any use of blacklisted modifications (resource packs, mods, clients, scripts, macros etc.) is deemed punishable upon first offense. All modifications that are considered to be game breaking or give an advantage for the user are blacklisted. If you are unsure of whether or not your modification is blacklisted, please refer to the whitelisted modifications page under "More" or ask a staff member.
    First/Second/Third Offense - Temporary Ban
    Fourth+ Offenses - Permanent Ban (Appealable)

Glitch/Bug Exploitation
Description: Any exploitation of glitches/bugs found on the server is punishable upon first offense. Bugs and glitches are to be reported immediately via a bug report. Exploitation includes but is not limited to JobsReborn automation (Redstone machines, AFK machines etc.), as well as any other bugs that may come up.
First/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth Offense - Temporary Ban
    Sixth+ Offenses - Permanent Ban (Appealable)

Lag Contribution
Description: Whether lag contribution is intentional or not, staff have the right to do whatever necessary to fix lag including removing player machines. Staff are obligated to give the player a 7-day warning before removing the machine themselves. If players do not remove their machine after being asked, staff will remove it and are not required to return removed items! Intentional lag contribution is punishable. (Listed below)
First through Tenth offense - Temporary Ban
    Eleventh+ Offense - Permanent Ban

Real-Life Money Related Deals
Description: ALL deals related to real-life money are permanently bannable upon first offense! DO NOT ask players if they would like to trade in-game or real-life possessions for real-life money! Opposite to this, if someone asks you if you would like to make a real-life deal you are to report these players immediately. Infamous will not reimburse players who have been scammed for real-life money making it their responsibility to never accept these deals. We will only go as far as punishing the player.
First Offense - Permanent Ban (Appealable)

Description: Infamous defines griefing and stealing as two very different actions. Griefing is the action in which the player deliberately destroys the property of another player for one's joy, gain or any other means. Griefing is strictly prohibited and is bannable upon first offense. Stealing is defined to be when the player takes items from another play in a civilized way such as taking them from a chest. If the land is claimed you CANNOT steal from the player even if you happen to find a bug that allows doing so. Stealing from your own town also known as town betrayal is strictly prohibited and punishable upon first offense.
    All Offenses - Up to the staff member's discretion depending on the severity of the grief.

While trolling is allowed, your troll must follow certain criteria. You must have a mutual deal with the player you wish to troll. If someone does not allow you to troll them prior to doing so, staff reserve the right to punish you accordingly. The following is a punishment guideline if you do not follow the above criteria.
All Offenses - Up to the staff member's discretion depending on the severity of the situation

Alternate Accounts
While alternate accounts are allowed on the server, they are strictly prohibited to evade bans! Ban evading is punishable upon first offense. Additionally, we have a one person to one account policy. Meaning any actions done on your account, you take full responsibility for! So secure your account and never give out your login information!
All Offenses - Up to the staff member's discretion depending on the situation and severity


These rules can change without notice and will not impact punishment decisions. It is the player's responsibility to check this page semi-frequently for any updates.

All temporary bans are up to the staff member's discretion based on factors such as the player's attitude during a potential investigation, whether or not the player admits their wrongdoing, past offenses etc.

Only temporary bans exceeding 7 days can be appealed. Temporary bans not exceeding 7 days must expire before the player can login once again.

All permanent bans are labeled appealable or not.