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Informative Website Overhaul!
Welcome to the brand new Infamous website designed by MrWardy with the help of Semerton from NamelessMC and Xemah the creator of the Elixir template. This website is designed to contain the style and ease of navigation along with all the utilities of the previous Infamous website and so much more! See below to see what's new to the website!
What's new?

    What you're reading right now is the Infamous changelog. This can be found in the General category of the forums, as well as on the home page of the website. All minor and major Infamous updates will be posted here.
    We now have a forums page where players can post and see different information, including: Viewing the changelog, posting suggestions and viewing punishment reports. There may be more forums coming soon!
And so much more!
    The changes to the website are so significant that we could put them into a book! (Obviously joking) The information above is the most important changes made along with the brand new website style, however not all changes are listed. Why not explore around the website and find what's new!

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